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Our insurance directory is definitely your most reliable solution to drive traffic to your business. Nowadays, online presence has a big effect on your sales and lead

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Our Mission » Create a unique marketplace for insurance companies The need for reliable insurance is more important now than ever. ...
Features » Our website is one of the fast emerging directory listings for insurance companies. Through our listings, we can help in...
Why Us » Our website is a powerful tool for insurance companies themselves. From brokers, underwriters and agencies, we create a ...
About Us » We are the leading online insurance directory listing, offering our services to consumers across the world. Nowadays, ...

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Welcome to Asia Insurance Directory

We are the leading online insurance directory listing, offering our services to consumers across the world. Nowadays, we recognize the relevance of insurance services for our daily lives, insurance serves as a contract between the policy holder and the insurer that no matter what happens; the policyholder will have considerable coverage and protection. We make sure that interested insurance buyers and companies will have a unique and reliable channel in which they can find the best options for high quality insurance products. Our directory listings encompass a considerable number of insurance companies as well as brokers and other services providers to ensure that you get the service that you want.

Our Mission

One of our missions is to create a massive listing of insurance companies in all possible industries. From health, life, business, property and other aspects as well as other unique insurance services, we want to make sure that consumers and businesses can all utilize one comprehensive listing that will allow them to find insurance companies, service providers and potential leads. Read more about our mission >


Our website is also ideal for consumers. We create a perfect engine so that you can find the insurance company, broker or service provider depending on your needs. We target a global audience and this enables us to connect our clients to a much bigger business landscape. Read more